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Air Conditioning
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Chat with your local technician.

Air Conditioning Repairs, Installation & Service in Sydney

Your air conditioning system is in excellent hands with Proven Air! Our skilled technicians are thoroughly trained, licenced, and up to date on all Sydney codes and requirements to provide you with worry-free services. From air conditioning installations and servicing to maintenance and repairs in Sydney, the Proven Air experience is an exceptional one that promises fair costs, dependable and timely service, and flexible appointment scheduling.At Proven Air, our major priorities are to keep you informed about your air conditioning systems while maximizing their efficiency. Our services encompass a number of brands such as Actron, Daikin, Fujitsu, Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Mitsubishi

Along with providing excellent installation, repair, and maintenance services in Sydney, our qualified technicians also offer a thorough report outlining the effectiveness and conditions of your system. This provides you with a thorough understanding of your air conditioner, which reduces the need for our services and helps you save on maintenance as well as bills. Be it residential & domestic air conditioning systems, wall mounted split systems, reverse cycle systems, ducted systems, evaporative coolers or commercial water-cooled package units, our experts are equipped to handle all your air conditioning needs. The local air conditioning professionals at Proven Air are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality work. Setting us a cut above the rest, our knowledge and experience combined with our personal touch and understanding of your needs make us the top choice for pure air and energy efficient air conditioning systems. Choose Proven Air for expert air conditioning solutions in Sydney that are quick, efficient, and completely hassle-free.

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Air Con Repairs

Our team of cooling and heating technicians at Proven has years of experience when it comes to finding faults with and repairing your air conditioning system. We are fully

licensed professionals to inspect and repair your air conditioning or heating unit in a timely manner.

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Air Con Installation

A professional air conditioning installation starts with the expert advice before any of the tools are picked up. Enjoy a new ducted or split system air conditioning

knowing it has been installed by experienced professionals that understand the Sydney climate.

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Air Con Service

All our services come with an in-depth report (detailing everything from system efficiency and performance to the condition of all the associated parts). Regular use of

your system causes dirt, dust, allergens and eventually mould to build up inside your unit. Air Conditioning Servicing ensures your system runs efficiently and keeps your household healthy.

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Proven Air is one of Sydney’s Most Trusted Air Conditioning Services, from Installations to Maintenance and Repair. We are Local, Licensed & Insured, servicing across Sydney from the air conditioning Central Coast, North Shore, North Sydney, Inner West & Western Suburbs.

Who Are we?

Proven Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated business located in Sydney. Our technicians have a true passion for the industry which is obvious in the service we provide. Passion leads to experience, and experience leads to outstanding service and quality workmanship in air conditioning, heating, and subfloor ventilation installation and services for homes and businesses across Sydney.

Why Our Community
Trusts Us

Chat with your local technician.

Why Our Community
Trusts Us

Chat with your local technician.

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Why Proven Air?

Proven Air Conditioning is your local air conditioning specialist. You can be sure to receive an experienced, fully licensed and Professional team of technicians when it comes to cooling and heating your home.

Our air conditioning experience sets us apart and our personal touch and understanding of your requirements make us the top choice for pure air and energy efficient air conditioning systems.

Chat with your local technician.

Your Local Air Conditioning Experts

Wall mounted split systems

Evaporative Coolers

Reverse cycle system

Ducted Systems

All residential and domestic Air conditioning systems

Commercial water-cooled 
package units

How Can We Help You?

As professional local air conditioning technicians, the Proven Air team are your local tradies. Licensed, insured and up-to-date on all of the latest Sydney codes and requirements we know exactly what is needed to complete your installation or repair. Whether it is brand new or outdated, Proven Air Conditioning will work around your current setup to complete your project on time and with great results, guaranteed.

Looking for an

We are Sydney’s most trusted local electricians with expertise for any job requirement. No job is too big or too small. We deliver fast, friendly and professional electrical services to all of our Sydney community.Our trusted electrical technicians have been providing outstanding Residential Electrician services and Commercial Electrical services to our local community for years.We proudly offer advice and reassurance to all of Sydney’s suburbs with our years of expertise. If you are looking for an electrician inner west, an electrician upper north shore or any Sydney suburbs,

we service them all.We are a local, family-run business with all the local knowledge. Our skilled technicians are trained, licenced, and up to date on all Sydney codes and requirements. From electrical installations and servicing to maintenance and repairs, the Proven Air experience is an exceptional one that promises fair costs, dependable, flexible appointment scheduling and timely service to boot.We have domestic electricians that service electrical systems in both residential and commercial properties. Our electrical experts are fully licenced to conduct hot water system repairs to surge protection installations. We work methodically to ensure we address all issues and our affordable technicians are thoughtful and skilled, making your customer experience enjoyable and stress-free.

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Our Technicians Are Experienced
Across All Brands

ARCtick authorisation number


We are Authorised Contractors

We’ve been certified

Only ARCtick licensed technicians can safely and legally install, service and replace air conditioning systems.

Be safe and be part of the refrigerant transformation. It’s the right thing for you and the environment”.

Chat with our local technican

ARCtick authorisation number


We are Authorised Contractors

We’ve been certified

Only ARCtick licensed technicians can safely and legally install, service and replace air conditioning systems.

Be safe and be part of the refrigerant transformation. It’s the right thing for you and the environment”.

Chat with our local technican

ARCtick authorisation number


We are Authorised Contractors

We’ve been certified

Only ARCtick licensed technicians can safely and legally install, service and replace air conditioning systems.

Be safe and be part of the refrigerant transformation. It’s the right thing for you and the environment”.

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Air Conditioning Inner West

Full suite of
Local services

If you need heating repair or an electrician in the inner west, Proven Air’s trusted team of local technicians are here to support your home’s needs.

Chat with your local technician.

Our Guarantee

At Proven, we provide only the best licenced electricians in Sydney and Inner west Sydney regions, backed by our outstanding workmanship warranty with The Proven guarantee means that you, our valued customer, receive an efficient service with an upfront, affordable price.


We agree on a price upfront with our customers before work is carried out, giving you the peace of mind that there will be no additional costs at the completion of the job. 


With a team dedicated to providing great customer service, our number one priority is your satisfaction and peace of mind every time. With Proven, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Proven cooling and heating technicians are all fully licensed and professional experts in this field. They are regularly trained and remain up to date on the newest air conditioning models and technology to..


With flexible and convenient appointment times, you can arrange a time that best suits you, so you can be confident that your Proven technician won’t leave you waiting.


Proven staff are always friendly and helpful and will do their best to make your experience a great one.


All our work, together with our Proven Protection Plan, comes backed without our lifetime workmanship warranty.


Your home will be left in the same condition when we leave. All Proven technicians wear boot covers, use drop sheets to minimise mess, and always clean up once the job is complete.


After every installation we perform a photo installation report. This includes seven photos of your air conditioner or heater to ensure the work was completed correctly and to our standard.

Explore Our Guides

Have questions about your air conditioner or electrical? Explore our helpful guides to help point you in the right direction!

What is air conditioning repairs?

Understanding the symptoms of typical air conditioner problems is crucial for maintaining your system’s optimal performance . That’s where our team of experienced technicians steps in, always prepared to evaluate your air conditioning difficulties. Watch out for these indicators of air conditioners repair and why does air con stop working: Air conditioning system working but not cooling Ac controller not working unusual loud noises or odd sounds leakage of water.

How long should air con last?

In the beautiful yet often warm climate of Sydney, air conditioning isn’t just a luxury; it’s an essential part of daily comfort. Understanding the lifespan of an air conditioning system in Sydney’s unique weather conditions is essential for homeowners and businesses alike. Air conditioning systems in Sydney typically last between 10 to 15 years. However, this can vary based on factors such as the quality of the unit, the standard of the installation, maintenance regularity, usage intensity, and local environmental conditions. Here’s how we, as Sydney trusted air conditioning specialists, ensure your air con system enjoys a long and efficient life: Quality Installation: Proper installation in accordance with Sydney’s building codes

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Frequently asked questions

With Australia and Sydney’s unpredictable weather, changing climate and harsh weather conditions, air conditioning is an important commodity in all Sydney homes. Reverse air conditioning particularly can help you combat the cold Sydney winters and the hot, humid Sydney summers. Sydney has some beautiful older home, full of history and charm, but with old homes comes damp, mould and mildew. Air conditioning can help prevent mould,  air spores and dust which can cause health problems and exasperate current health conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, impaired immune conditions, and can causing symptoms such as headaches, sore throats, cold-like symptoms, sneezing, coughing, dry or watery eyes and fatigue. If unchecked your perfect Sydney home could cost you both in money and in health. 

It is natural for us to believe a mouldy or humid home will ‘dry out’ if you turn up the heating, but you would be wrong. The only way to truly combat humid, wet, moist and damp homes is by great ventilation and correct efficient air conditioning. 

Your AC unit can last at least 12 to 20 years but it really does depend on the system, how well you maintain it and where the AC unit is placed. A perfectly installed AC unit, that is serviced once a year, with proper maintenance and repaired when necessary, can last 20 years or longer. We always recommend you have your AC unit stored and installed away from direct sunlight, heat and out of foot traffic to avoid breaking or the need for repair. For outside AC units we recommend you get your exterior air con unit serviced regularly to ensure it’s free from dust, dirt and debris which will help it last and live longer.

Factors that affect how long an AC unit lasts are:

  • Correct size air con unit for the space
  • The climate and exposure to the elements- high humidity or cold weather
  • The level of air con upkeep

Before replacing your old air conditioner we recommend you talk to an AC expert.

You should consider replacing your old air con if:

  • You HVAC System is 10 years or more
  • Your air con needs frequent repairs, breakdowns and problems
  • You notice a smell or noise coming from your aircon
  • You feel your current conditioning is no longer working for you or you’re regularly not comfortable in your home.
  • Your circuit breaker keeps tripping

If your air con suffers from the above or is over 10 years old, you may find your air conditioning unit is less efficient and costing you more. A highly-efficient air con system can save you 20% on energy bills. Consider a newer, energy-efficient AC unit with an energy star label contact us on 1300 776 247 or send us a message to find out more about our air con makes and models.

A general rule to find out if it is worth repairing or replacing your conditioner is by multiplying the repair cost by the air conditioner age, if you find that the sum is more than $5000 you should instead consider replacing your AC.

At Proven Air, our air conditioning experts can advise you on all your air Conditioning queries including air con repair and replacement. Our team of air conditioning cooling and heating technicians, have years of experience and are regularly trained and remain up to date on the latest models and technology so we can advise you on the whether it is worth repairing or replacing your current unit. Our fully licensed & professional air conditioning technician can inspect your current air conditioning in a timely manner and guarantee you impartial and helpful advice. Contact our Proven professional today to book your consultation and find out exactly what you need.

Just like Goldilocks, your AC size must be just right. Getting an air conditioning unit that is too small can result in costly air con bills as your air con unit must run harder, faster and continuously to keep up. With all this huff and puff, your AC may still not effectively condition or cool the room with inconsistent temperatures throughout the home. It is trying but you really didn’t give it much chance!

On the other hand, an AC too large can also cost you big, both with the initial financial cost of over-expenditure for the air conditioning unit, and with the continual switching on and off of the AC both manually and automatically (depending on the AC you have), not only is that costly but also can cause wear, tear and your air con to break over time. Air con repair, maintenance, or replacement we can help you with- but preventative measures is always better than having to replace or fix your aircon.

There are many steps to ensure your Air Conditioning unit is right your home such as:

  1. Find an air conditioning type that fits your home
  2. Estimate the right AC size for your home… Chances is if it looks too big, you need to shrink.
  3. Do your air con research including ratings for the HVAC and find out how to match your square footage and size of your home to the recommended HVAC and air conditioning size.

On average:

  • A 600 – 1000 SQ FT home requires a 1.5 ton air conditioner size
  • A 1000 – 1500 SQ FT home requires a 2 ton air conditioner size
  • A 1500 – 2000 SQ FT home requires a 3 ton air conditioner size
  • A 2000 – 2500 SQ FT home requires a 4 ton air conditioner sizeAudits don’t always have to mean trouble! Request an energy audit and Manual J calculation.

And of course, get advice from an air conditioning expert!

At Proven Air our air conditioning experts can help you find the best air conditioning system to cater to your home and needs, with years of knowledge we are your local, friendly air conditioning pals that can ensure all your air conditioning needs are met!

You should replace your AC filter every 45 days for maximum efficiency and if you have allergies. Although, you can leave replacing your air conditioning filter for up to 90 days. How often you need to replace your AC filter can also vary due to the climate, your home, lifestyle, the air con placement and if you find your AC filter is getting dirty more often than usual. When replacing your aircon filter ensure if it the correct size and type to fit.

For more information about AC filters or for help on replacing your AC filter talk to our air con maintenance and servicing experts today!