Problematic Air Conditioner Noises that might require Immediate Air Conditioning Service

Do you suspect a problem with your air conditioning unit? While there are some noises that air conditioners make as part of their regular functioning, most modern air conditioners are designed to make little to no noise during function. If you hear a new or unusual sound when using your air conditioner, you might need an immediate air conditioning service. If you find that troubleshooting has not yielded any results, it’s best to contact Proven Air for advice on how to proceed. Even if your air conditioning unit seems to work fine after troubleshooting, any air conditioner noises that were previously absent should be addressed by a professional technician for safety reasons. Additionally, addressing an air conditioner noise quickly is likely to prevent complete failure of the air conditioning unit. Not only will early technician intervention reduce costs, but it will also mean that you can enjoy your air conditioner without the noise! 

Air conditioning noises you shouldn’t ignore.

Air Conditioner Making Loud Banging Noise

If your air conditioner is making a loud banging noise, there are a couple of possibilities. Less serious reasons include fan obstruction, but if the fan is tightened in place and unobstructed, it is likely the compressor is having a problem. The banging noise is the result of unfastened parts in the compressor hitting the compressor’s exterior framing. The air conditioner’s compressor not only distributes the cold air (refrigerant) throughout your home, but it also controls all other parts of the air conditioner. Fixing a compressor is best performed by a qualified technician, since replacement requires many parts and experience working with fixing electrics.

Air Conditioner Screeching Sound

If your air conditioner is making a screeching noise, there is likely an issue with the pressure in the compressor. When the pressure builds too high in an air conditioning compressor, a screeching sound results. It will most likely be present for 10-15 seconds after your air conditioner is switched on, and you may notice your air conditioner stops and starts more often than normal. It is advised that you you’re your air conditioner immediately and contact a technician to check it since high pressure can be very dangerous.

Air Conditioner Buzzing Sound

If your air conditioner is making a buzzing sound, turn it off at the isolator switch immediately. The buzz is a possible indicator of an electrical discharged from loose or damaged wiring, which is a serious safety risk and potential fire hazard. Once the air conditioning unit has been switched off at the isolator, contact Proven Air for a professional technician to receive assistance.

Air Conditioner Humming Noise

An air conditioner making a humming noise is likely due to an issue with the contactor relay switch. Since it is the result of a defective electrical part, it is critical that you switch off your air conditioner at the isolator until a Proven Air technician can inspect and resolve it quickly.

Air Conditioner Rattling Sound

When your air conditioner is making a rattling sound, there is possibly loose items (such as sticks, leaves or dirt clumps) in the outdoor condenser unit. Alternatively, the air conditioner sound is a result of a damaged electrical contractor. If you can, turn off the air conditioner at the isolator and safely remove the disruptive items. However, if you cannot or there are no foreign items to remove, contact an air conditioning technician immediately to prevent damage to the compressor.

Air Conditioner Clanging Sound

An air conditioner making a clanging sound is likely to be a similar issue to a banging sound or a ratting sound. That is, there is either an obstruction to the fan or the condenser unit. Either way, it is paramount you do not use your air conditioner while it is making a clanging sound until a technician can inspect it.

Air Conditioner Pulsating Noise

Sometimes air conditioners make a pulsating noise as part of their normal function. However, if you air conditioner is making a pulsating noise that was not previously present, it may be cause by a fan blade or motor coming loose within the unit. In that case, it is worth calling Proven Air to assess the seriousness of the noise.

Air Conditioner Hissing Noise

If your air conditioner is making a hissing noise, there are two possible causes. The expansion valve or air filter may be malfunctioning. Alternatively, there may be an air duct leak. Since the leak can be anywhere from moderate to severe, it is critical you contact a professional technician to fix the issue.

Air Conditioner Whirring Noise

When your air conditioner is making a whirring noise (like a helicopter), there is likely a mechanical problem either in the outdoor unit or indoor blower. When the fan motor or a belt starts to loosen or break, a whirring noise may result. If there is no obvious obstruction (like a piece of debris caught in the fan), it’s best to contact an air conditioning technician.

Air Conditioner Squealing Noise

If your air conditioner is making a squealing noise, there is a good chance that there is an issue with either the indoor blower motors, outdoor fan motors or blower wheel and housing. While a squealing noise is normal for some units when they start-up, if it is a new sound, its best you call Proven Air for assistance. 

Air Conditioning Installation, Repairs & Service

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July 5, 2022

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