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    What is Braemar Ducted Heating?

    Experience ultimate comfort during winter with Braemar’s Ducted Heating system. Say goodbye to cold homes and embrace consistent warmth throughout the season for you and your family. With years of industry-leading experience, Braemar’s seven-star ducted heating range stands out. This locally made and designed heating system is proudly 100% Australian-owned, showcasing innovative technology and providing a guaranteed warranty. No matter the season, Braemar’s Ducted Heating system is perfect for ensuring your comfort and wellbeing.

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    Licensed, insured and up-to-date on all of the latest Sydney codes and requirements we know exactly what is needed to complete your installation or repair.

    How Does Braemar Ducted Heating Work?

    Braemar’s Ducted Evaporative Heating system is comprised of four crucial components: The Heater, Vents, Insulated Ducts, and Thermostat. This system operates using gas combustion to generate heat. The insulated duct system serves as a conduit, transporting the heated air throughout your home, while the vents distribute the air into individual rooms, ensuring circulation to and from the heater. To regulate the temperature and control the heating cycle, a thermostat is installed at the centre of your home. The thermostat measures the current temperature and adjusts the system accordingly to maintain your desired level of warmth and comfort. With these key components working together seamlessly, the Braemar Ducted Evaporative Heating system provides efficient and effective heating throughout your entire home.

    What is Braemar’s Air Conditioning?

    Braemar’s Air Conditioner offers high energy efficiency, resulting in efficiency and affordability. It utilises inverter technology, optional motion sensor, and customisable installer settings for the quietest operation and ultimate efficiency. This system is designed to deliver conditioned air through ducting and suitable grills. The indoor unit features environmentally friendly refrigerant, that is durable and compatible for home automation systems. The outdoor unit has a slim design, with a Black Fin coating for better protection, and supports long pipe runs for flexible placement. The included Zone Controller allows controller with individual temperature settings and “SAVE” function for energy savings. Additionally, there is an optional Wi-Fi control module for easy remote access and monitoring.

    How does Braemar’s Ducted Evaporative Cooling System work?

    The efficient and effective Braemar Ducted Evaporative Cooling system consists of three essential components: Air Ducts, Outlet Grills, and an Evaporative Cooler. Operating on the principle of evaporation, this system utilises an evaporative cooling fan to pump outdoor air through water-soaked cooling pads within the Braemar air conditioning unit. As the air passes through these pads heat is absorbed, resulting in a decrease in temperature. The system then distributes the cooled air throughout your home via a network of ducts, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable indoor environment. This approach harnesses the power of fresh air to create cooler homes, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with breathing conditions like sinus.

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    Your home will be left in the same condition when we leave. All Proven technicians wear boot covers, use drop sheets to minimise mess, and always clean up once the job is complete.


    After every installation we perform a photo installation report. This includes seven photos of your air conditioner or heater to ensure the work was completed correctly and to our standard.

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