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    Why Choose Gas Ducted Central Heating

    Gas ducted central heating is an effective and efficient form of heating your Sydney home from one central system.

    Air ducts travel the warmed air to your rooms from a central heater that can be located under your floor, in your roof or even outside.

    The colder months feel extra chilly inside your home?
    Central heating may just be the solution for you..


    A conventional portable gas heater is a flueless type which means harmful pollutants can enter your home. Gas central heating uses a flue to vent the gases outside safely.


    Heat all the rooms in your home with one central system. No more multiple heaters or sacrificing rooms to the cold.

    What are the benefits of investing in a more efficient system?

    An increase of one star, on average, results in savings of approximately 10 percent! Gas ducted central heating systems are rated using this star gas energy rating, although you do invest more upfront you do save in the long run! This not only helps you back pocket, but also the environment too with reduced carbon emissions.

    The perfect indoor temperature All year round

    Did you know your favourite gas ducted heating system can be combined with an add-on cooling system? Combining gas ducted heating with refrigerative cooling provides a cost effective approach to your indoor climate control. Unlike reverse cycle air conditioning systems, gas heating is not affected by lower outside ambient temperatures. This proves especially well for certain locations!


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