Proven Air Conditioning is a family owned company that has been servicing the Guildford area for many years. We install, repair and service / maintenance air conditioners in Guildford as well as surrounding suburbs.

With honest up-front pricing and detailed suggestions we will help you pick the most effective air conditioner for your Guildford residence or business. With a series of residential and commercial air conditioning systems you will have a choice from split system air conditioning system or ducted air conditioning systems.

With our detailed setup recommendations from experienced technicians we guarantee your home the least amount of strain on your air conditioner and also offer you with maximum performance throughout the year, even when Guildford is at it's most extreme.

Guaranteed services on your air conditioner regularly to make sure peak performance in the summer as well as the wintertime in Guildford.

We provide and install all the major brands that we have tried and tested. Fujitsu, Daikin, Actron Air, Samsung and Mitsubishi air conditioning systems to theGuildford area

We encourage you to contact us today with any air conditioning questions as we are the Guildford area installer of premium quality air conditioning systems in the Guildford area and surrounding suburbs.

For the past years Residential Air Conditioning Sydney has become an essential part of any home, it helps you maintain cool during summer and warm during winter. At Proven Air Conditioning we offer you various brands, models and styles so that you can choose the model that suits your needs and looks good at your home. We also offer very competitive prices in our domestic range of air conditioning, Air Conditioning Guildford

We supply AC for all types of houses, from single storey, 2 storey house, unites and apartments, we are a flexible team with the ability to adapt to your every need. We can install at a home under construction, double brick wall, timber or steel truss, difficult locations etc.

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