Cool and heat your Sydney home efficiently and save on your air conditioning bills with proven solutions from the energy efficiency professionals at Proven Air Conditioning

Maintenance Checks & Service

Save money by reducing the chance of breakdowns that could have been avoided with a service, as well as saving on energy costs as unmaintained systems work harder and use more energy to provide the same temperature as a well maintained system.

Testing Sydney air conditioning equipment is Proven's speciality.

Professionally Installed

You'll get more than just an outstanding installation, you'll get the years of experience and professional guidance too. We will ensure the system we install is correctly designed to effectively and efficiently cool or heat the area you need.

An air conditioning too small and it will work overtime, never effectively providing the comfort you want and costing you a lot more on your energy bills. Too large and it will cost substantially more to run, as well as adding excess wear and tear on them system.

Energy Efficient Zoning

Air conditioning zoning provides greater control over the comfort levels of everyone in your home, it provides you with an opportunity to lower energy consumption and slash energy bills. Split your air conditioning into your preferred number of zones and each zone can then be independently set and controlled to the perfect temperature, eliminating the need to cool or heat an area that is not used

For the correct advice on Sydney air conditioning, solutions and installations that save energy and money call and speak with the team at Proven Air Conditioning today on 1300 776 247.