• Remember to replace your air filters

    Filters work great when new, but after use they become more porous and let me dirt particles escape through. 

  • Save while you sleep - Turn off at night!

    Keep your air conditioning on during the day, and off at night. The reason is simple. Air is naturally cooler later in the evening, so take advantage of that by turning off the air conditioning and opening a window.If you struggle to cool the area, try opening windows and/or doors on both sides of your house to allow it to flow through. Your body doesn’t need air conditioning to run at the same temperature as it does during the day to be comfortable. 

  • Clean off visible debris from return air vents and outlets

    Doing this every few months will help to ensure that your air conditioning unit isn't working harder than it needs to. 

  • Take note of any noise

    Quite often the earliest sign of an air conditioning system fault can be heard in the form of a squealing, grinding, or thumping noise.

  • Correctly setting thermostats and timers 

    As a guide, somewhere between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius is where you should set the air conditioning thermostat. Set the system at a temperature comfortable enough that it won’t make your unit work too hard. For every single degree of cooling you can do without, you’re saving on your energy bill.

  • Shade out the sun

    Shade is your friend when it comes to keeping cool. An air conditioning unit won’t need to work as hard and will maintain the cooler temperature, easier. Where possible, close blinds, drapes, awnings and curtains.

  • Clean to keep costs down

    A regularly maintained system and a filter that is either replaced or cleaned often ensures you maintain optimum efficiency. A poorly maintained filter makes any air conditioning unit work harder, meaning more electricity and higher energy costs!

  • Turn off the hidden heaters

    Lights, TV, computer, printer, lamps, kitchen oven.. these are all examples of your daily items that can generate excessive heat and force your air conditioner to work harder. Try to switch them off and you’ll save money on your air conditioning energy consumption straight away! Nothing beats a professional air conditioning health inspection on your cooling and heating system.

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