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    Split System Repairs

    An efficient way to save on your energy costs

    Enjoy pure, filtered air without background noises

    Get a sleek design which complements your space

    While a split system air conditioning unit is highly cost effective, one that isn’t serviced can have its disadvantages. Maintaining your split system air conditioner is important to ensure that you can reap the rewards of clean, pure air and avoid the health hazards and financial implications that come with unclean units.

    Usually, an under-serviced split system unit will blow out contaminated air that contains dirt, mould or dust and can cause respiratory issues, so regular upkeep is thoroughly recommended.

    If your unit is broken, our technicians can repair damaged split system air conditioners. We will have a fully stocked vehicle with a range of spare parts and equipment to get your split system working so you can relax and stay comfortable all year round.


    Split systems can be installed almost anywhere. They are the perfect solution when additional cooling is needed for a room with high sun exposure or ductwork isn’t an option. Split systems also come in a variety of styles, for example floor standing, concealed bulk head and cassette versions. Unsure which system best suits your needs? Call 1300 776 247 now for tailored advice.

    Energy Efficient Split Systems

    State-of-the-art split systems provide improved, energy efficient cooling & heating. Offset the cost of a new installation with the savings on your energy bills – it is a win-win! Cool and heat your Sydney home efficiently with proven solutions from the energy efficiency professionals at Proven Air Conditioning

    Skilled Professionals for All Split System Brands

    Our technicians are experienced when it comes to the installation, repair and boost up of all split system brands and models. Turn to our experts to get your broken split system unit up and running again.

    How can we help you?

  • Do you have a service plan?
    • Yes we do. Signing up to our Proven Protection Plan gives you peace of mind with your yearly air conditioning service covered, discounts on further work and much, much more!
  • What is the life expectancy on an air conditioner?
    •  A typical air conditioner life is influenced by a number of factors. As a general rule:
    • Ducted air conditioning: 15 to 20 years
    • Split system air conditioning: 10 to 15 years
    • Although older style air conditioners are known to last slightly longer than the new generation of ACs, the difference in years gained from those is offset by the energy efficiency of the new style.
  • How often should I get the AC serviced?
    •  There is no one answer for servicing the AC. The running time and where your AC is located are the main factors for determining how often it should be taken care of.
    • As a general rule, manufacturers recommend a service for the air conditioning at least once per year.
  • How often should I regas my AC?
    • Never. Your home air conditioner should never need to be regassed unless there is a leak in the system. In the case that you do have a leak, the leak needs to be found, repaired and tested to ensure no further leaking will occur.
  • What do you do during a service?
    • We use a checklist during our service to make sure that your air conditioning receives the complete service every time.
    •  The level of service required is different depending on your AC age, wear and tear and usage.
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    What our satisfied clients are saying about Proven Air

    What our satisfied clients are saying about Proven Air

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