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Chat with your local technician.
Regular air conditioning servicing in Sydney is essential to run an air conditioner in a cost-effective manner. Without regular servicing it places extra stress on the system, and it could break down or become completely inefficient.

All our services come with an in-depth report (detailing everything from system efficiency and performance to the condition of all the associated parts).Regular use of your air conditioning system causes dirt, dust, allergens and eventually mould to build up inside your unit.

Servicing your air conditioning ensures your system runs efficiently and keeps your household healthy. Contact a Proven air conditioning Sydney to expertly handle the servicing of your air conditioner and save on the costs of your AC bill.

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Why Proven Air

Proven Air Conditioning Sydney is your local air conditioning repairs specialist. You can be sure to receive an experienced, fully licensed and professional team of technicians when it comes to cooling and heating your home. Our air conditioning experience sets us apart and our personal touch and understanding of your requirements make us the top choice for pure air and energy efficient air conditioning systems.

Our services include comprehensive subfloor ventilation, expert heating solutions, and top quality air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance, but our core values are top quality and friendly customer service. We provide flexible and suitable appointment times that are most convenient to you. With Proven, you’ll never be left waiting. And not only can you rely on us for a high quality service, we will also provide you with tips and advice on how to run your air conditioning unit in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Air conditioning Service Experts in Sydney

Trust Proven’s air conditioning professional to provide you with the best air con services, & air conditioning repairs. Our comprehensive knowledge, backed by our years of experience servicing air conditioning to commercial and residential properties in Sydney, guarantees we know the importance of air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance and servicing done right. We are not all hot air;

we back our work with a written 10-year guarantee. We care about our Sydney community and strive to be the best, most efficient, professional and personable Heating & Cooling Aircon Service Experts Sydney and your household deserves. Australia is home to some of the most extreme weather conditions, and we understand that your air-con unit can be a saviour to prevent mould, dampness, and allergens and heat your home during the cold winter. We strive to provide you with our services all year round to beat the heat, weather the storms, and last the years. Our experienced air conditioning servicing team ensure your air-con runs smoothly and safely. We provide all the know-how and keep up-to-date with the latest fault-finding technical and the hottest air conditioners brands and models. Our air con servicing includes Daikin servicing, Fujitsu, Actron servicing, Samsung air conditioners, Toshiba air-con servicing, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries serving and repairs and LG air conditioners and more! We are not all hot air! We pride ourselves on our high standards. We provide the experience, skills and tools and offer a wide range of HVAC services backed by our written workmanship guarantee for your complete peace of mind. We are ARC Tick certified and authorised to service your Refrigerants and air conditioning equipment without voiding your Warranty. We are a family-owned, local, professional air conditioning company servicing our Sydney community. Our passionate air conditioning technicians are on hand 24/7 to offer a personal touch and understanding of your air conditioning requirements, making us the top choice for pure air and energy-efficient air conditioning systems. We make your customer experience enjoyable and stress-free. We work methodically, offering dependable, prompt and efficient services every time. We like to create warm relationships based on trust. We don’t like surprises, and nor should you. That is why all our quotes are provided with honest, upfront costs and no hidden charges! We promise fair costs and services, providing you with timelines from the start. We understand the importance of functional air conditioning or refrigeration and strive to provide our customers with the best possible solution. All residential & domestic air conditioning systems. Wall mounted split systems. Reverse cycle systems. Ducted systems. Evaporative coolers. Commercial water-cooled package units.

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Tailored Air
Conditioning Service

How we service your air conditioner that depends on what air-con systems you own. We tailor our air conditioning services to match your needs and the heating and cooling system you have.

Regularly servicing your air conditioning is essential. The benefits and air con services include:

Regularly servicing your air conditioner can extend the life of your air conditioning unit,

maximising energy efficiency and helping avoid breakdowns during peak summer or winter periods.We will never leave you in the cold or give you the cold shoulder. We offer informal, impartial advice, quick turnaround, transparent pricing and excellent customer service to boot. We will stop at nothing in setting your air conditioner up for long-term heating and cooling and ensuring you and your family are safe, whatever the circumstances. Our HVAC & refrigeration services include; domestic heating & cooling supply & installation, domestic air conditioning servicing & repairs, commercial refrigeration solutions and commercial air conditioning solutions. Our range of AC servicing covers every part and component of your air conditioner and ventilation systems, including thermostats, filters & coils, compressors, condensers, electrical issues and control panels. We service all types of air conditioning units, including spilt, ducted, air/water-cooled package units, and window-type air conditioning units known as RAC. Electrical HVAC systems, LPG air con units, natural gas-run ac units or refrigerant gas, we do it all. No job to big, small or complex.

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Proven Air is one of Sydney’s Most Trusted Air Conditioning Services, from Installations to Maintenance and Repair. We are Local, Licensed & Insured, servicing across Sydney from the air conditioning Central Coast, North Shore, North Sydney, Inner West & Western Suburbs.

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Why Our Community
Trusts Us

Chat with your local technician.

Why Our Community
Trusts Us

Chat with your local technician.

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Our team of cooling and heating technicians at Proven has years of experience when it comes to finding faults with and repairing your air conditioning system. We are fully licensed professionals to inspect and repair your air conditioning or heating unit in a timely manner.

Air Con Installation

A professional air conditioning installation starts with the expert advice before any of the tools are picked up. Enjoy a new ducted or split system air conditioning knowing it has been installed by experienced professionals that understand the Sydney climate.

Air Con Service

All our services come with an in-depth report (detailing everything from system efficiency and performance to the condition of all the associated parts). Regular use of your system causes dirt, dust, allergens and eventually mould to build up inside your unit. Air Conditioning Servicing ensures your system runs efficiently and keeps your household healthy.

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Frequently asked questions

In Sydney’s varying climate, regular maintenance for an air conditioner should include at a minimum cleaning or replacing filters, cleaning drain pans and drain lines, inspecting coils, checking refrigerant levels, inspecting electrical connections, and ensuring that the controller is functioning correctly. A professional service like Proven Air Conditioning & Electrical can tailor these services to suit Sydney’s specific weather conditions.

An AC system should generally be serviced at least once a year, preferably before the hot season begins. However, in Sydney’s humid and warm climate, it may be beneficial to schedule a professional check-up every six months to ensure optimal performance and efficiency before both major seasons.

Some key steps in air conditioning maintenance are:

  1. Cleaning or replacing air filters.
  2. Inspecting evaporator and condenser coils.
  3. Checking refrigerant levels.
  4. Inspecting and tightening electrical connections.
  5. Checking the controllers accuracy.
  6. Inspecting ductwork for leaks.
  7. Testing system controls and safety devices.
  8. Cleaning external covers.
  9. Inspecting and cleaning drain pans and lines.
  10. Performing split tests.

AC coils should be cleaned at least every 3-4 years. Different environments can change this scope drastically. Areas where dust and humidity are more prevalent, such as in Sydney, it may be advisable to clean them every year. Regular cleaning helps in preventing the buildup of dirt and debris that can reduce efficiency.

Air conditioning filters should be cleaned every 3 months and a professional maintenance each year. In Sydney, where the air may contain more pollutants and allergens, more frequent cleaning or replacement may be necessary. Regular cleaning ensures better air quality and efficient performance.